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Looking for something unique?

If you have a unique gift or item you've been dreaming of, please reach out! While I'm not able to accommodate every request, I'll let you know if I can create the piece you're looking for.

Custom Work Need-to-Know's:

  • Custom work has an additional $30 flat fee, and may also include a small fee for the creation of custom stamp (if needed).

  • While I'm happy to talk with you about adding specific words, phrases, or design elements, I don't create work that features people's names or specific dates/locations. Rare exceptions may apply - feel free to ask!

  • Payment for the work must be made in full before I begin the project.

  • Custom work is not eligible for returns or exchanges, but I check in frequently with you to make you're getting the design, glaze, and clay body you desire.

I'll get back to you soon!

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