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Alef Bet Pinch Pot

Alef Bet Pinch Pot


This pot was inspired by a Jewish folktakle in which a poor man who could not afford an education became lost in the woods. He wanted to cry out to g!d, but he didn't know any prayers - all he knew was his alef bet. In his desperation, he called out the Hebrew letters, and soon he found his way home. Later he asked his rabbi how it had come to be, and the rabbi told him that all he needed to do was speak the letters - g!d formed them into the proper prayers. 


As a Jew who had a very mixed Jewish education growing up, I have always loved this story! It's a reminder that it's the intention within that connects us to spirit, not ritual perfection.  


This is a pinched pot, hand stamped and stained with a red iron oxide wash. The interior is glazed bright turquoise. Food and dishwasher safe.


Size: approximately 3x3 inches.

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